Tiny Tigers Little Dragons Program (Age 3-5)

Our Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons programs introduce children ages 3-5 to the positive influence of the martial arts by stressing self discipline and positive values. One of the best gifts you can give your children is the opportunity to posses the power of a successful life.

What are these powers? Patience, Concentration, Humility, Self Discipline, Self Control, and a strong healthy body with good mental and physical coordination. Our Preschool Kids program is unique in the physical education area, as it is not merely for “Self Defense.” Our program is a total learning and improvement activity. Children learning Tang Soo Do begin by practicing the basic skills, which are the foundation of this art. These new skills build and improve coordination and balance.

Our licensed instructors are professionals in this field and are dedicated to your child’s development and achievement. After only a few months of training, each child should show dramatic changes, such as lower anxiety levels, an increased sense of responsibility, and heightened self esteem. Most will also begin to show improvement in their school studies. Their training by one of our qualified instructors could be the priceless starting point of your child on the road to a happy, successful life.

 Youth (Age 6-9)

JC Karate is more than just another after-school activity. Exciting, yet disciplined classes hold a child's attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment, self-confidence will grow - the first part of a strong foundation.

Along with building self-confidence, JC Karate makes character development a big part of each class: Respect, Discipline, Focus/Listening, and Self -control are the backbone of our child development program. These traditional values - the second part of a strong foundation- date back to the era of the Samurai.

In addition, your child will develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome life's obstacles. A non-quitting spirit - the third part of a strong foundation - makes any goal reachable.
This complete foundation helps children excel in school, sports, and the arts. It ensures that they will make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will feel secure and confident.

All of this takes place in a fun, challenging program that builds upon each little success. Our state of the art studios have helped countless kids to come out of their shells, reach their potential, and become role models to their peers.

 Adults (Ages 10 and Above)

JC Karate is dedicated to providing you the most comprehensive and professional martial arts instruction available today. Our martial arts programs offer adults a wide array of options to fit every individuals needs, whether you're looking for Traditional martial arts, practical self defense, or just better fitness and improved health. If going to the gym feels more like going to the dentist, or if you can't seem to motivate yourself to get up off that couch and get into shape, then look no further, people enjoy learning martial arts from our fun and friendly staff. We offer strength combined with endurance and flexibility training providing you with a total workout. Our state of the art locations provides a clean and safe environment so that you can get the maximum potential from each and every workout. The most important part of any results oriented workout is consistent effort. Our staff is there to help keep you motivated and informed. JC Karate has a program ready to meet the needs of any individual regardless of age, weight, or skill level.